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Why Does My Sink Smell? Explains Orange County Plumbing

Are you getting unpleasant and mysterious odors from your kitchen? If yes, then there is something stuck in your kitchen that doesn’t go away. There is something in a stuck position no matter how many times you take out the garbage or mop your kitchen. Did you check your kitchen sink? If not, you should immediately check it. Contact orange county plumbing to solve all your kitchen and sink-related problem.

In your home, your kitchen sink might be the most used and hardest working plumbing appliance. If there is any problem with it, there is enough chance that the food runs through the disposal stuck in it. Or the grease didn’t rinse properly or was removed from your house. When grease or food gets caught in the pipes of your kitchen sink, it begins to rot. Rotting various debris or food can produce terrible smells in your home’s kitchen. And it could be the breeding ground of pests and bacteria.

Even if your home doesn’t have a disposal, the various kind of stuff you drop in the sink drain of your kitchen could surprisingly start to smell. If you get a sour odor from your kitchen sink, you can get rid of the smell just by scrubbing it away. Here we presented a couple of possible explanations of this issue and also the solution what should you do.

Grease in the Drain

If you pour the vegetable oil or cooking grease down of drain of your kitchen sink, it can thicken to the side of the gutter, lower pipe, or at the disposal. After falling it at the drain, it decomposes, creating the trap for other falling debris. Soon, you will get an unruly rotting smell from the sink, and it will rapidly spread into the kitchen.

Scoop the baking soda in one cup into the drain of your kitchen sink. Follow that process and drop the vinegar just in the same amount, then for 10 minutes, let it sit. While these potent mixtures are doing their task, you should boil a pot of water in the meanwhile. After passing 10 minutes, you should pour the boiling water into the sink. The vinegar and baking soda mixture should foam up, and it will eat the grease away from the drain. Then pour the boiling water on it to run it away. Contact orange county plumbing to solve all your kitchen and sink-related problem.

Dirty Garbage Disposal

Sometimes the food scraps or other gunk can catch on the blade of your garbage disposal. That causes the food to rot and start to smell. If the problem increase, you should do the following:

  • Often use the garbage disposal
  • Run hot water in the garbage disposal
  • Run no water at all
  • Older garbage disposal

Grab the cup of salt and ice cubes in two cubes. Turn on the cold water of your kitchen sink, and for about 20 seconds, run the disposal. After that, dump the salt and ice cups into the disposal. Let’s run the disposal continuously until all the cubes vanish. Use the cold water to cut the ice, and it would help clear away the gunk that caught into the blades. However, for extra odor prevention, you can drop the grapefruit, lemon, or orange rinds down at your disposal while using ice to run it. Also, you can add vinegar and lemon juice. Contact orange county plumbing to solve all your kitchen and sink-related problem.


How do I get rid of a smelly sink?

Dump the baking soda into the drain and wait for some time to let it sit. Wait for 15 minutes. Then pour the vinegar down to the drain and run it by ¼ to ½. Watch the bubbles and hear the fizz and pops for another 15 minutes. You can also take help from orange county plumbing if you want to avoid the DIY method in your home.

Why does my sink smell like sewer?

For the dry p-trap, you may get foul odors or smell from the kitchen sinks, especially a sewer smell. At all times, there should be water in the P-trap. However, there could be a vent or drainpipe problem which causes the sink to smell like a sewer. You can contact orange county plumbing to fix the sewer smelling issue.

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