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What to Do If There is No Hot Water?: Orange County Plumbing

The water heater orange county can cause many problems irrespective of its type. Whether your water heater electric or gas model, the orange county plumbing can quickly solve all your heater-related issues. The emergency plumber orange county will help you by providing every type of water heater service. Let’s discuss the most common reasons for having no water in your water heater.

Common Reasons Behind No Hot Water

1.      High Demand and Low Supply

The most common reason behind no hot water is that your family has already used all the moisture. If you are the last person to take a shower in the morning, at best, you may get lukewarm water. One important tip is that you can wait for 10 minutes between your shower to increase the hot water supply to cope with the demand. However, if the high demand is the common problem, you could upgrade to a tankless water heater or a larger tank.

2.      Sediment Build-up

Hard water is hazardous as it leaves magnesium deposits and chalky calcium. This problem can happen inside the water heater, coating the tank’s bottom. And it decreases the heat transfer between the heating elements and gas burner and the water. The sediment build-up reduces the recovery time and increases the costs of heating water. To remove the sediment, a straightforward solution is that you can flush the tank once a year.

3.      Low Thermostat Setting

All water heaters regulate the tank’s water temperature with the help of a thermostat. Compared to the usual time, your water may seem more extraordinary when someone turns down the thermostats. Readjust your thermostat between 120 to 140 degrees to determine the problems in fixing. If you find your thermostat malfunction is responsible for the problem, you should replace it.

4.      Old Age

If you are getting no hot water from your water heater, another culprit could be the age of your water heater. If the water heater is over ten years old, probably its lifespan ends. Thus you need to replace the old water heater for your best bet.

Troubleshooting No Hot Water Issue: IN Perspective of an Electric Water Heater

1.      Power Issues

First, check the circuit breaker box and ensure that the water heater receives good power. If you find any tripped breaker reset, it. You could have a significant electrical problem if the breaker keeps tripping. Thus, it requires the electrician’s attention, or you can call the Orange county plumbing. The emergency plumber orange county will detect your power issues and provide you with the necessary solutions.

2.      Faulty High-Temperature Limit Switch

The high-temperature limit switch is a crucial part of an eclectic waster heater. It prevents the tank’s inside from excessive pressure and heat. If the switch is defective or malfunctioning, it will prevent the proper functioning of the water heater. Contact orange county plumbing to check the high-temperature limit switch. The plumber in orange county plumbing can expertly do it for you.

To reset the limit switch, at first, shut off the water heater’s circuit breaker. Remove the water heater’s upper heating element cover so that you can have access to the high-temperature limit switch. Press the red reset button to reset it. Then uninstall the lid and restore the power.


What is the most common problem with water heaters?

Perhaps the water heater’s most common issue is water leaks. Eventually, every water heater starts to leak. This happens because the water erodes the tank and creates microscopic fractures and cracks. However, if you face any water heater issue or need help detecting the heater’s leak, you could contact orange county plumbing. 

What do you do when you have no hot water?

If your water heater stops supplying hot water, you should do the following:

  • Check the setting of your thermostat
  • Check the pilot light
  • Check the circuit breaker
  • Flush the tank
  • Check the leaks
  • Upgrade the water heater
  • Contact professional orange county plumbing for solving the issue

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