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Toilet leaking repair at my home

Toilet leaking repair Orange County Plumber

If you are suffering from toilet leaking issues, that’s undoubtedly not a good sign for your home or office. You must take practical steps before your bathroom becomes a filthy place for use. Get ready to solve the issues accordingly through the best orange county plumber in CA.

Before you start a repairing job, you must be aware of the possible reasons for a specific problem. Here we reveal a few points that can cause toilet leaking from the base.

Tee bolts losing

There are plastic cups in the base of every toilet, which can be inappropriate sometimes and eventually occurs leaking. You should check the place if it is ideally placed or not. If it seems loose, you must tighten the parts. The bolts might be unable to tolerate pressure and, in that case, change the settings and get a new one from a trustworthy store.

Wax ring replacement

If you notice that your toilet is still leaking from the base after replacing the bolts, consider the wax ring. The wax ring might be damaged and need a replacement immediately. Now the question is, can you do all this work alone? Well, that’s a common question we face, and we answer it very nicely. DIY can be applicable if you know the things adequately. Otherwise, you should hire a professional plumber. Now let’s talk about the DIY process for your convenience.

You need to follow some guidelines before considering applying DIY to plumbing areas.

Go to the store: Firstly, try to know about a popular store that sells original products reasonably. Move forward to that store and purchase a new wax ring for your bathroom. You can also click a picture of your previous wax ring in the toilet and show it to the store staff for faultless replacement.

Toilet preparation: the first work you need to do is close your water supply in the toilet. Remove all the sitting water from your bathroom and clean it properly. If necessary, unscrew the nut from the water valve and remove leftover water from the base.

Remove the toilet and damaged wax ring: Unscrew and remove the water supply and tee bolts. Ensure there is no leftover residue since you are about to install a new one. The placement should be usual for installing a new wax ring in your toilet.

Wax ring installation: Take the new wax ring in your hand and place it securely with the tee bolts. Once you set the wax ring correctly, reposition the toilet back.

Re-installation of your toilet: The toilet should be in the correct position so that your body weight can adjust with the seat. Many people make a common mistake that they overtighten the tee bolts sometimes, which causes a problem in the future. Therefore, stay from overtightening any toilet parts.

Now you are certainly ready to turn on your water supply line and valve. You must closely notice any further leaking occurring from the base. If not, it means that your toilet leaking issues have been solved flawlessly.

Bottom line

A toilet leaking from the base can cause several problems, among which water bills increasing is one. If you do not address the leaking immediately, your accounts will increase, and the losses will continue. It doesn’t matter if you feel insecure applying DIY. Hire a local plumber who can professionally repair the tee bolts or wax ring.

The work is not too hard to complete through DIY. If you know the procedure strongly, you can successfully solve the fundamental plumbing issues. What we suggest is that you never ignore the plumbing issues. If so, the issues will be more significant, and the costs will be higher.

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