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The reasons behind cold water production of water heaters Orange County

Malfunctions of Water heaters Orange County

When your water heater stops working on its natural mechanism, the cold water starts coming out. There can be certain reasons for a water heater to stop producing hot water. We don’t want you to face an unpleasant morning while taking a shower. If you ever feel that your hot water is not coming out sufficiently, call for an expert of Water heaters Orange County so that your system gets stable quickly.

The reasons behind malfunctions of Water heaters Orange County

Water heaters have several mechanisms that used to fail sometimes. As a result, you do not get sufficient hot water when you need it the most. We have outlined a few reasons here to let you know why water heaters produce cold water.

Minerals build-up

If you ever consult with a professional plumber about your water heater malfunction, you probably know about the mineral build-up. The problem occurs when you skip routine services of your water heater. The natural level of minerals in the water supply of the municipality remains unchecked sometimes. This creates a malfunction with the water heater and cools by getting deposited over time. If the level of minerals increases at a large scale, it will stop your hot water from coming out. As a result, cold water produces, and you need a quick repair.

Bad timing of heating elements

The electric water heater contains a heating element that runs the entire system. If the heating elements start degrading, the heating issues will be stopped. The water will not be heated perfectly, and you will have cold water coming to you. The temperature parts of the water heater might need a replacement at that moment through professionals.

Broken thermostat

The broken thermostat is one of the possible reasons that cause cold water production. The thermostat in the water heater keeps the water temperature between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the standard amount. Since the setting depends on the basic needs of your home, you can change it according to your requirements. The settings sometimes get compromised, and you should check it after a certain period. If you notice that the temperatures signal goes down below 120, you must turn it back up. By any chance, the thermostat setting might keep running into the same problem. Contact a professional because your thermostat needs a quick repair.

The problem could be anything, but the solution can not be a random selection. There must be a professional attachment in your water heater system if cold water starts producing. Since it is an electric water heater, you should not take any risk by applying DIY. The charges are not too high that you can not afford.

The benefits of professional services

You might be thinking that why calling a professional since you know the possible reasons and solutions of the problems. However, you are still unaware of the techniques to solve the problem. Though plumbing repair takes time, it is worth the time and money. Our skilled and qualified plumbers know the consequences of water heater repair that will keep you in safe hands.


What is the approximate life expectancy of a water heater?

8 to 12 years is the usual lifespan that a water heater contains. Through regular maintenance increases the durability; you can expect ten years on average.

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