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Cold Weather Can Be a Plumbing Disaster Says Orange County Plumbing

The first week of January brought the cold’s first taste as winter weather started here. And this cold weather is going to stay for a bit of a while by adding a small snow layer on the ground. The winter makes the air harder and lets that temperature continue below dip freezing. Now that’s called cold, and it can hurt your home’s plumbing system. The Orange County Plumbing is giving you the alarming sign that this cold weather can be a disaster for your entire plumbing system.

The cold weather cause abundance of frozen pipe inside and outside your home. However, you may want the help of orange county plumbing to solve some plumbing issues. But before that, we want to provide some general tips for the first central cold front.

  • Ensure proper insulation of your pipes in different areas such as crawl space, garage, attic, and other regions that generally don’t get heat.
  • Seal up the outdoor pipes nearby the air leaks. If you fail to seal the air leaks pipe correctly, the cold air could freeze the tube inside the line.
  • Put away your garden hose and shut off the water supply from your outdoor area. However, properly doing this following the instructions of orange county plumbing.
  • If you plan to go out of the town, make sure everybody in your home, including you, knows the prominent shutoff valve positions. However, if you see any pipe bursting in your home, the first thing you should do is shut off the house’s primary water line, which will help you prevent damage.

Water Heaters

Is anything worse can happen than a broken or damaged water heater in the dead of winter? The orange county plumbing doesn’t think anything can happen extreme destructive than this. The water heater works hard all year long, but you need its service most in winter. It works much harder in winter than the usual water warming up. Due to both the hot water’s increasing demand in the colder months, the system can experience wear and tear and go into overdrive. During the winter, you may face some of the common issues in your water heater, including the following:

  • Energy bills are incredibly high
  • The water heater is producing a strange sound
  • The heater fails to make enough hot water
  • Water leaking from the water heater
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Rust


Another common plumbing problem in cold weather is frozen pipes. When the temperatures drop below the freezing level, you will face frozen pipes problems. If you have a frozen pipes problem, you will get foul odors coming from your sink, and your faucet will supply less water also. Again, of course, you will see the visible frost on the pipe’s exterior. If you leave your frozen pipes untreated, it could lead to a major disaster for your plumbing system. Contact the orange county plumbing to get rid of this major disaster. You will get 24 emergency plumbing services from us.

When water freezes in your pipe, it expands and leads to blockage in your tube. However, the blockage leads to flooding in your home, and it could damage the following:

  • Furniture
  • Floor
  • Electrical wiring
  • Walls
  • Floor joints
  • Appliances Etc

However, the cold weather or snow can’t stop the plumber in orange county from providing the service to our customers in need. If you need any help, contact orange county plumbing to get the 24 emergency plumbing service.

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