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Does My Water Heater Need An Expansion Tank?

What Does an Expansion Tank

When water gets heat, it expands. This expansion is called thermal expansion. The water heater can hold only so many gallons of water, but the extra moisture of the heater needs to be somewhere else. The plumber orange county suggests an expansion tank that absorbs excess pressure and alleviates the water heater’s strain and plumbing system.

How Does the Water Heater’s Expansion Tank Work?

The water heater tank has a cold water line, and it connects to the expansion tank. The rubber baffle’s two parts divide it. However, the thermal expansion forces the extra water into the bladder, pushing the baffle down into the compressed air-filled chamber. Moreover, it absorbs pressure. However, this alleviates stains on the tank and spares the toilet valves, plumbing joints, etc. It limits the dishwasher and washing machine’s solenoid valves from damage.

The pure aim of creating this guide is to help you with the storage tank water heaters-related issues. One of the crucial and incredible facts is that the water heater’s inside water will expand when it receives the heat. This thermal expansion is mainly the working process of water heater expansion tank.

How Can you Know If you Need an Expansion Tank on Your Water Heater?

The closed-loop system is the essential feature of your home. The thermal expansion causes excess water on the open-loop system. The open-loop system flow back to the main water line. The plumber orange county tells you to keep your main water line safe. The extra pressure in your home’s closed-loop system will cause the expansion and contraction of the tank. As a result, the water unit will face premature failure. If the main shut-off valve in your home has a pressure regulator, a sort of bell-shaped mechanism, or backflow prevention, then there is a closed-loop system in your home.

The TPR Valve Leaks

Your home’s water heater’s temperature or pressure relief valve is a safety mechanism, and it activates when you press it. The plumber orange county says that the pressure or temperature can exceed the unsafe levels. However, it will discharge the jet of hot water to regulate the pressure. It’s a mess, but it’s no less than an alternative, and it could lead to the water heater’s exploding. If the TPR valve frequently trips, the plumber orange county confirms that you need the expansion tank.

Water Heater Tank Maintenance

The expansion tank’s bottom half filled with compressed air. Generally, the compressed air is somewhere between 50-60 pounds per square inch (PSI). Over time the tank may lose some pressure. However, a Schrader valve contains the tank, and you will find the same type of valve in the bicycle tire. Annually, check it with a pressure gauge and check whether it’s sufficiently charged or not. However, if the pressure exceeds 50psi, use a bicycle pump to pressurize it.

You may wonder thinking whether the thermal expansion phenomenon is easy to understand or not. But the plumber orange county can help you understand it and deal with the issues. The orange county plumbing suggests that water heaters use the temperature regulator and valve to combat these issues. An open water supply allows the excess water of your home to push back into the city’s water supply. This entirely alleviates the water issues. So without the expansion tank, you can use the water heater. If you need any help for maintaining your water heater you could contact Orange County Plumbing. Our experts plumbers will help you to solve all your issues.


Do I need an expansion tank on my water heater?

If you have a closed-loop system, then we highly recommend that you should have an expansion tank. Any pressure regulating valve or check valve can cause the closed-loop system. However, your plumbing system’s long-term wear and tear could reduce the overall life expectancy.

How often should a water heater expansion tank be replaced?

You should replace your water heater expansion tank within 5 – 10 years. Five to ten is the tank’s average lifespan. If your home’s water pressure matches with the expansion tank’s water pressure, the tank’s life can expect to extend. And in some cases, you may require to replace it.

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