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Orange County Plumbing offers 24/7-active plumbing support all over California. Therefore, call our Plumber Irvine, CA, for same-day emergency hour plumbing support. Let us know what we can do for you.

We Are a Licensed Plumber in Irvine CA

We Are a Group of Professional Plumbers

Proper plumbing is an essential part of every residential and commercial site. Fortunately, our plumbing team in Irvine has exact customer satisfaction; therefore, we are a top-rated plumber Irvine, CA. From time to time, the plumbing solution remains demandable.

Similarly, we have kept our position solid and tight for the Irvine home project and commercial project for plumbing repairs. You can rely on our licensed plumbers for your home services and their fast-problem-solving nature.

Besides, our plumbing professionals have new techniques and methods to solve your plumbing issue. Also, we have plumbers, experts, and engineers to take care of the entire plumbing system. You can find our services on the website. Also, you can check our reputation in your neighborhoods. Unlike other plumbing support providers, Orange County Plumbing company does not choose money over quality service. 

Quality Plumbing Services in Irvine, CA

You can rely on our 24 hour emergency plumbing experts because the team has gained customer reviews before. Also, the previous customers are happy with our service. They have highly recommended us to many people. In addiiton, the company believes in preventive solutions so that you can minimize significant losses.

Not to mention, we always have worked hard to maintain a good relationship with our clients. The best business owners must have principles included in our terms and services in Santa Ana. After all, business is not for one day. Fortunately, our expert work will bind us tight for a long time.

On the other hand, our people do not leave the place until you check it and give us a green signal, whether it is even checking your kitchen sink for proper water passing. In addition, the team prefers to provide you with a detailed report.

Therefore, you will have a clear concept of the estimation. Contact our plumbers in Irvine CA, for more details. We also work in Yorba Linda. We want you to be rest assured; you will get the same quality work from us in all the states.

Old Water Heater Replacement or Repair 

Our expert plumbers in Irvine CA can install a water heater. Besides, you can choose a tankless heater, which is new in town. Also, the team can repair any hot water heater. So, you do not need to wait for the entire day.

We can fix it within a day. You will be able to cut your water bill. Also, our experts can help to choose the best and most available water heaters in the region and assist you with the hot water heater installation.

Drain Cleaning Service

Our company serves Irvine CA the best quality at an affordable price. No matter how big the problem is, the team can deal with it. Similarly, we have expert plumbers who can give you quality cleaning service. Besides, you can call us today or anytime at our phone number. Our customer service team will be your guide to connect with us.


Phone Number: (657) 286-7009

Leak Detecting Plumbing Needs

We have experienced team members working properly on a leak detecting service. Our team is now available in Irvine CA 92618 zip code area. If you have water leakage from the water heater, slab leak water pipe, etc., inform us soon. Also, if the toilet flush isn’t stopping and constantly water is dripping from the taps, we are here for you.

Our reliable Irvine plumber will reach your place in no time for leak detecting and fixing. Our plumbing contractor works on almost all kinds of plumbing projects. As a plumbing business owner, we have years of experience providing all types of plumbing facilities for our clients.

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Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas line repairing is a risky job. Besides, without professional help, your gas line can have a gas leak. That will be riskier. Therefore, you should not compromise quality before money. As your plumber Irvine CA, we can help you with proper repair and installation.

Our experts have installed thousands of gas lines before. Also, the team applies new techniques for gas line repair. Our approaches are safer and more accessible. So, try our plumbing support in Irvine and see the result when you get the job done.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Our plumbing business in Irvine includes sewer line repair and replacement. If you notice a bad smell and the garden soil is moist, give us a phone call immediately. These are the common signs of sewer line defects. Besides, if you contact us on time, maybe we can save your sewage system. Call anytime at our phone number you want. We have an emergency services facility in Huntington Beach too.

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Orange County Plumbing

Plumbing Support in Irvine

We are looking forward to serving you at any time, even late at night. What you need is to make a call to our hotline so that we can reach you on time. There are so many cases that suffer damages due to poor servicing. We will save you from those scam plumbers instead of relying on us for your plumbing project. Even we properly inform our clients of the exact project cost information. Our services are:

  • Drain cleaning and repairs
  • Gas line repair and installation
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Sewer repair and replacement
  • Water heater repair and services
  • Pipe replacement
  • Tankless water heater
  • Leak detection
  • Toilet repair

Why Our Plumbing Service in Irvine?

Plumbing Support Provider

Our plumbing industry is a sensitive place for plumbing fixtures. You cannot hire a rookie or rely on DIY plumbing kits. When you have a plumbing emergency, you will need to look for a company with the experience, knowledge, and skills to do a great job like ours.

There are so many properties that have suffered water damage due to poor plumbing. We always work to develop long-lasting relationships with all our clients. We look forward to serving you. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and book an appointment. Feel free to request a free price estimate for our plumbing service.


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