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How Does the Chemical Drain Cleaner Clear the Clog?

The chemical drain cleaner aims to clean the clog in your drain. But how does the drain cleaner work? The Emergency plumber orange county will tell you how it works. They will also tell you how the cleaner can damage the plumbing system in your home.

Types of Chemical Drain Cleaners for Drain Cleaning

Different types of chemical drain cleaners are available in the market, using which you can tackle various situations. A minor clog most of the time requires an oxidizing or caustic drain cleaner, but an acidic cleaner requires to destroy significant clogs.

1. Caustic

Various harmful cleaners contain in the caustic drain cleaners, such as Iye, which gives the electrons materials and causes clogs. The ingredients create a chemical reaction, and it produces heat. Again, it makes grease thinner, and dissolving the clogs is easier. These ingredients are most valuable and helpful for a drain clogged because of grease. Usually, the kitchen sink consists of these clogged or grease traps. The emergency plumber orange county can help you decide the best ingredients for cleaning the drain.

2. Oxidizing

Oxidizing and caustic drain cleaners are similar in use, but there are slight differences also between these two. Instead of giving electrons, the ingredient in Oxidizing takes electrons from these organic clogs, and it’s called the oxidation process. The Oxidization contains nitrates and bleach ingredients, the most popular liquid drain cleaner types.

This ingredient works in combination with the water, and it produces heat so that these materials can dissolve the clogs. Oxidization works well on organic matter. Especially the oxidizing drain cleaner are helpful for toilets, shower drains, and bathroom sinks. These cleaners can help you get rid of hair or any other organic material, which can cause a clog.

3. Acidic

The emergency plumber orange county seldom uses acidic drain cleaners as these types of cleaners are the harshest. The acidic cleaners contain ingredients like hydrochloric oar sulphonic acid. These ingredients create hydronium icons, working together to clean the clogs. The hydronium ions with the clogged material create a chemical reaction, and it helps to clear the clog. In the worst-case scenario, the emergency plumber orange county uses Acidic cleaners. But the, acidic cleaners can be hazardous for your health and plumbing system.

Issues with the Chemical Drain Cleaners

Most chemical drain cleaners create heat because of the chemical reaction, and it can cause damage to the home’s plumbing system. Usually, the PVC plastic pipes are the main ingredient of sewer pipes, and they can melt or warp with excessive heat.

Even if PVC is not the ingredient of your pipes, much heat can also cause damage to your metal pipes. If your home’s plumbing system includes the septic tank, then choosing the chemical drain cleaners is a bad option for you. Septic tanks break down the various organic materials using the bacteria. But harsh chemicals can kill or destroy the bacteria in the tank. Moreover, it makes the bacteria ineffective.

Moreover, using the harsh chemicals fumes can be even worse in non-ventilated areas such as in the bathroom in your home. for long periods, chemical breathing can damage your respiratory system. Before choosing the harsh chemical cleaner for your home, you should contact the emergency plumber orange county for taking suggestions. The emergency plumber orange county can provide you with the best service and guidance to solve your drain cleaning problem.


Why should you not use chemical drain cleaners?

The chemical drain cleaners are dangerous for your health and your family. This is enough reason to avoid chemical drain cleaners. Drain cleaners often consist of dissolving ability and potency similar to battery acid. However, battery acid could be very harmful to your property and you. If you need to clean your drain, you should avoid chemical cleaner and contact the emergency plumber orange county to solve this issue. 

Which chemical is used for cleaning drainage?

Sodium hydroxide contains in caustic drain cleaners, and it’s commonly known as caustic soda or Iye. This soda mostly comes in solid form. When water and sodium hydroxide reacts with the aluminum, the acidic drain cleaners start working and produce hydrogen gas. However, the emergency plumber orange county suggests you avoid the chemical cleaners for cleaning a drain. 

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