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Dripping or Leaking Bathroom Faucet? Troubleshooting Tips by plumber orange county

After hearing the dripping sound, did you think about where it is coming from? After looking here and there, did you find that the dripping sound is coming from the bathroom faucet? If yes, don’t worry. Plumber orange county is here to help you. Contact orange county plumbing to fix the dripping issue.

You may have a drippy bathroom faucet for various reasons. So it would help if you had a few skills to troubleshoot this problem. If you want to find out the way for fixing and finding the problem with a leaky faucet, then you should keep going through this article to learn more.

Dripping Bathroom Faucet: Most Common Causes

Although the dripping issue is not uncommon, people often face some other problems with their faucets. Because of these types of issue’s prevalence, plumber orange county also suggests simple fixes to get rid of this problem.

Worn Out Washer

A dripping faucet could occur from the worn-out washer, and it’s one of the more common reasons. If you push the washer against the valve seat that is being used, the friction makes the wear out of the washer in a much faster way. When this process starts to happen, you will see that there is water where it should not be near the spout. However, in a compression faucet, this type of leak can occur.

O-Ring Problem

The stem screw is an important piece that holds the faucet handle in place. If the small disc in the stem screw becomes worn out or loose, the faucet will drip. However, over some time, this thing can happen. But for the often-used tap, this problem is more common. Moreover, in a cartridge faucet, this type of problem could take place.

Corroded Valve Seat

The faucet becomes connected to the spout through the valve seat. It connects to the tap in the sink’s compression mechanism. However, as time goes by, the friction becomes uneven, creating further problems. If there is a build-up of water-sediment, it may cause the corrosion of the valve seat. When the breakdown of the valve seat happens, you may hear or see the leaks around the spout.

Washer Installation

The sink and faucet’s essential part is the washer. So if you don’t install it correctly in your home, it will not work properly. The plumber orange county can help you ensure that it’s installed correctly. The plumber orange county can also tell you whether it’s the incorrect size or not.

The Way to Fix These Issues

All these issues are not challenging. Relatively some are pretty simple. These issues require some understanding and skill to solve it the in the correct way. Along with various plumbing jobs, the plumber orange county can perform these right away. If you are not sure whether you could do it by yourself, you could get help from orange county plumbing. However, a few available fixing ways are the following:

  • Replace the washer if required. You should replace the worn-out washer. In addition, you should replace the O-ring sink if it is worn out or loose to prevent further issues. Regularly clean the valve seat and faucet. Take the professional plumber’s help from orange county plumbing if required.
  • After fixing the faucet, you may see the problem is continuously disturbing you. It’s possible that your faucet has multiple issues, and it could cause a leak. In this case, you should contact the professional orange county plumbing. The plumber orange county provides various plumbing services, including drain cleaning.


Why does a faucet stem leak?

Usually, the leaky faucet stem means that the packing needs tightening or worn out. The filling keeps the water away from leaking around the stem. However, these faucets are primarily available in outdoor sinks and laundry rooms. Contact the plumber orange county if you need to fix your faucet’s leaks problems.

How do you remove the plastic faucet stem?

To remove a plastic faucet stem, insert a flat-head screwdriver into the notch so that you can pry the plastic insert out of the handle. Insert the utility knife’s blade in the seam between the faucet handle. If the notch is not present there, you should twist the handle of the utility knife up and down to pry the insert off. If you fail to perform all these methods yourself, you could contact the plumber orange county to remove the plastic faucet stem.

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