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Causes Sewage Backup in Basement Says Plumber Orange County

The sewer lines in your property or home can block for various reasons. Or the wastewater prevention flowing through the drainage pipes is inevitable, Due to the blockages forming in the solid black water. The reliable black water and backup create risk because of many contaminants and viruses. If you notice the sewage back up in your basement immediately, you need to fix it by Plumber Orange County. But knowing all these causes behind backups and blockages are very helpful. Plumber orange county can help you resolve all these blockages and sewer backups problems

The plumber orange county can help you identify your drain issues. They will also identify why the problems occur and what you should do to solve them. You can avoid and control the pipe’s sewage backups in the following ways.

Sewage Backups Causes

Various factors can play an essential role in creating backups and damage in your sewer line system beneath the surface. The tree roots can grow in excessive lengths, and it could cause entangling with the sewer line. The pipes can pierce by these roots entirely and wrap themselves around the drains pipe so tight that it bursts. If you think your yard doesn’t have any trees and you are safe, still, there is the chance that your neighboring tree roots can also create a problem.

Damaged Sewer Lines

Due to the different factors, Sewer lines can be subject to easy damage. Especially the older pipes are more vulnerable. In past days, cast iron and clay were the main manufacturing pipe line elements. Well, these types of tubes don’t seem to last too long. Like any old system, the old products are prone easily to break down. Moreover, this issue is easy to avoid by updating your sewer system and pipes and doing routine checks by the professional plumber orange county.

Severe Weather Conditions

Snowfall and heavy rainfall is crucial cause of sewer backup. Waters in large amounts can overrun village and city sewer lines. And your home is at risk because of the sewer lines’ potential backflow.


If your main sewer or basement pipes are clogged, your home can have sewage back up. Determine whether it’s a complete sewer system backup or just only one specific tube is in a crucial situation. If all the sinks and toilets in your home are backed up, then your sewer system could have a full backup. If just one sink or toilet is backed-up, your direct pipe may have a simple and small blockage.

Sewage backups are unfortunate and annoying. They can put your family and home at risk, and it will create inconvenience in your day-to-day life. Contact the plumber orange county to get precise, quick, and reliable results. The orange county plumbing can help you in providing the drain cleaning service. Don’t hesitate to contact orange county plumbing today.

Don’t Pour Grease Down in the Toilets or Drain.

It may seem odd if you pour grease down in your toilet or drains, but often teens and children think that they could do it. The children feel that pouring down the lubricant through the downstairs is the best option to avoid this issue without knowing the parents. They consider it a fast and better opportunity to get rid of the oil. But they didn’t do so. Pouring the oil and grease creates a blockage in the drain. Many old houses have seasoned pipes and old systems in their home, which are blockage prone. Thus avoid pouring oil down in your drain.


How do you fix a sewer backed up?

Some of the quick fixing sewer backup methods are the following: 

  • Use a plunger 
  • Release pressure
  • Buy a liquid drain cleaner
  • Chemical drain cleaning
  • Take help from the professional plumber orange county

How much does it cost to unclog the main sewer line?

For unclogging the main sewer line, the national average cost is between $350 – $65o. But primarily for cleaning a mid-sized clog, most people pay around $475. However, plumber orange county provides cost-effective services to the homeowners in orange county. 

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