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Can You Install Septic Tank Under a House?

Do you wonder whether the septic tank can be installed underneath in your house? Don’t worry, and the plumber orange county will help you get the answer. And the answer is no. You should never install a septic tank beneath your homes for the following three reasons. The reasons are the following:

Your House Will Stink Unless call plumber orange county

When septic tanks leave in your home, it designed in such a way to hold and process the home’s wastewater. However, if your home’s underneath has a tank full of sewage, it can cause various problems for your home. The plumber orange county tells you not to install a sink underneath your home; otherwise, it will cause multiple issues, including the heavy foul odors.

Septic Service Will Be Difficult

You need to inspect your septic tanks regularly and contact the plumber orange county to pump them regularly. During these septic services, the plumber in orange county plumbing must dig it up to the ground. If the septic tank locates under your house, the plumber orange county needs to dig up the home’s foundation. Moreover, they needed to dig the ground beneath it to reach the septic tank.

Serious Health Risk

The Septic tank is a long-lasting and sturdy system, and the damage issue is not new. If your septic tank or relevant plumbing system becomes damaged, it will continue to leak the waste into the earth below your home. Suddenly, you will find that your loved ones live in a toxic environment.

From Your House, How Far the Septic Tank Be?

From a house to the septic tank, the minimum distance requirements vary depending on the region you live. But in general, the standard difference of septic tanks should be between 10-20 feet away from your home. However, if you are using a well, you also need to consider it. You should think about the distance differently if you live near the lake, stream, road, reservoir, or swimming pool. When your property has a wall, likely the septic tank should be at least 50 feet away from it.

Building Over Septic Tanks

The plumber orange county never recommends you to build a structure or building on any portion of your septic tank. Usually, the most common problem the orange county plumbing company faces is when someone desires to pump out their septic tank, but they don’t know the location of their tank.

Moreover, for us, it’s not uncommon to find the location of the septic tank under the pool patio, wooden deck, driveways, or even room additions. However, in most cases, this happens because the homeowners are not aware of the location of the tank. The homeowners don’t focus on the future maintenance of the tank, so they don’t care about the tank’s location. Sometimes the homeowners may make the trap doors or removable boards which lead under a deck directly to their septic tank lid for the pump tank’s access. However, you should not build any permanent structure over any portion of your septic tank. But at least in the septic tank’s case, the homeowners can pump out it.

Again the drain field works by absorbing the solid’s water and evapotranspiration. The soil under the drain field requires oxygen to ensure better microbes treatment to the ground. If you need any help managing your septic tank or water systems, you should contact the plumber orange county. You will get 24 emergency services from us.


How far should a septic tank be from a house?

The septic tank should be seven meters away from the house. Most importantly, for your house’s safety, you should install a septic tank 7 meters away from your main home. Septic tanks release the wastewater slowly, and thus it’s built-in underground.

Can you have a septic tank without a leach field?

Most septic tank waste flows to a drainage field or soakaway system. Instead, the wastewater flows through a sealed pipe if your septic tank doesn’t have a soakaway system or drainage field.

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