broken garbage disposal

Broken Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is an electrically operated device fitted to the waste pipelines to kitchen sink for grinding up the food waste to be easily washed down. Its experts run your disposal regularly and continue to keep clean. It also crucial to run your disposal with running cold water that can solidify any grease and soil also to grin well. But it does not work properly, and you need a professional plumber to fix it. The top reasons to look for the services of a plumber who can fix the broken garbage disposal are discussed below:

Professional Proficiency

Plumbers have professional expertise in repairing garbage disposal units. They can get the work done safely and efficiently. They are licensed, which means they possess basic minimum levels of skills and expertise to provide professional plumbing services. Trying to fix the broken garbage disposal unit is risky and can lead to other problems related garbage unit which can be costly to repair.

Prevents Potential Injuries

Most of the People in orange county are trying to repair the garbage disposal unit on their own. They follow local DIY techniques to fix it. But it may cause the risk of serious injuries. If they try to put their hand inside the drain when the garbage disposal power button is on, they can get hurt on the fingers from the blades. In some severe cases of injury, it needs to be fingers to cut off. So, repairing broken garbage disposal in Orange County should be strictly handed over to qualified plumbers.

Protection of Garbage Disposal Units

Whether due to minor issues, people most often try to fix the garbage disposal unit on their own. But most of the time, they can cause damage to garbage disposal unit which leads to further severe harm to this device. This damage can be costly to repair than hiring a plumber to fix the broken garbage disposal units for the first time. Thus, it is highly recommended to call for professional plumbers who can come for primary inspection and then resolve broken garbage disposal units.

Plumbers are Warranted

Plumbers must warrant that any damage that occurs when repairing the broken garbage disposal orange county is not required to be paid by the clients as it will be borne through the insurance company.

Potential Health Problems

In the present world, people are always busy with their tight schedules. So, they often avoided a broken garbage disposal unit which can lead to severe future health problems. In the absence of cleaning, food wastes and other garbage are stuck between the blades and will start rotting where harmful bacteria and other microbes are growing. Suppose these rotten wastes and debris go through the faucet or food. In that case, it can create contamination and lead to diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning, stomach pain, gastroenteritis, etc. The degradation of food materials stuck in the garbage disposal can release odors that can cause respiratory diseases. It will have an awful impact on people suffering from breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, etc. Call a skilled plumber to assess the situation and get it repaired quickly to overcome any health-related issues.

Up-Coming Problems with the Unit

To repair the broken garbage disposal by owns is not a wise decision. Though it is fixed temporarily, it can be a leading upcoming damage problem that can enhance the cost of hiring a professional plumber. Hence, for repairing damaged garbage disposal Orange County, customers should look for the services of an expert and licensed plumber.

Plumbers Offers Guarantee

All reputed plumbing companies provide a warranty of the utensils they used and their technologies. Customers always expect to get quality work from professional plumber for fixing the broken garbage disposal. If a plumber has repaired all the units, he will better know it and systemically provide service regularly.


How do you fix a broken garbage disposal?

To fix your broken garbage disposal, you can use the RTV silicone to patch the crack temporarily before replacing it. However, it’s only a quick fixing way, but it will not last for a very long time.

Can I use the sink if the garbage disposal is broken?

Yes, you can use the sink even if you have a broken garbage disposal. The dishwasher uses the garbage disposal as a post for its drain line. Even if the disposal is broken, it would be connected to the drain system. Thus, the greywater will flow from the washer to the drain line using the broken disposal.

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