Installing bathtubs or showers

7 Tips When Hiring a Plumber for Installing Bathtub or Shower

The essential bathroom accessories are showers and bathtubs. Many people try to use the DIY method in their homes for installing bathroom products on their own. If you try to install the bathtub or shower on your own using the DIY approach, it can be risky for you. Moreover, you may suffer from plumbing problems in the future if you use the DIY method. For installing bathtubs or showers, you should hire a professional plumber who has experience in it. However, you should follow the seven tips for hiring a plumber. 

1.      Hire an Experienced Plumber

As a customer, you should look for a licensed plumber. In every state, for practicing plumbing professionally, plumbers require a license. Having a license means the plumber has minimum basic skills, expertise, and experience for doing the work professionally. Usually, the licensed plumbers are professional, and they have experience in their work. They are trained enough to provide you any solution for your plumbing problems. Before awarding your work to any plumber, you should check their license.

2.      Relevant Experience

You should check the plumber’s previous experience in installing the bathtubs and showers. You should prefer and award your work to that plumber who has enough knowledge of this type of job.

3.      Details of Past Clients

Past client feedback is the crucial criteria for evaluating the experience and reputation of the plumbers. When hiring a plumber, you should ask for the details of past clients, and you can contact them to know about the work quality. A professional plumber will share the details of their past clients happily. If a plumber doesn’t want to share their clients’ past information, then be sure that they lack satisfied clients. Usually, the new business owners lack clients reviews, and you should avoid such plumbers.

4.      Ask for Written Estimates

Ask for a written estimate from your plumber. A reputed and professional plumber will provide you a free written estimation for your work. As a customer, you should contact three plumbers and collect three written estimates from them. Award your work to that plumber who provides you the best and cost-effective estimate. When you get a written estimate from the plumber, they can’t charge any hidden charge after finishing the work.

5.      Payment Terms

It would help if you cleared your word about the payment terms before rewarding the work to them. It would be better for you if you and the plumber make a written contract where payment terms and work scope will define clearly. In the future, both parties will be away from the conflicts and ambiguity of the written agreement. If any plumber asks for the entire amount in advance, you should avoid them. 

6.      Is the Plumber Safe

Not all plumbers are experienced at work and safe for your plumbing system. A good plumber will ensure safety for your system. The customers should check the insurance of the plumbers, and they should verify the insurance validity. If any further damage is caused by the plumber when installing bathtubs or showers, then the customer will bear the additional damages or fixing cost. The insurance provider will pay for any further damages caused by the plumber.

7.      Warranty

Usually, the professional plumbers are confident about the work quality and provide a warranty for their works. The customers should check the warranty offers and terms of the plumbers. If any plumber fails to guarantee their work, they may offer sub-standard work to you. You should avoid hiring such a plumber for installing bathtubs and showers.


How much does it cost to have someone install a bathtub?

The average cost of installing bathtubs or showers is nearly $2,500. However, the range could be from $1,000 – $5,000. Moreover, several factors significantly influence the cost for which it varies. The type of fixtures or tub is a critical price deciding factor. 

Do you require a plumber to install a bath?

Yes. You require a plumber for installing bathtubs or showers in your home. Whether it’s installation, repair, or replacement tasks, the plumbers perform all these tasks efficiently. 

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